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What are the common bugs found while mobile testing?

What are the common bugs found while mobile testing? Looking for some mobile testing knowledge.

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Posted 2 months ago


The most common type of mobile testing bugs that one might encounter are:


  • Login/Logout : Bugs related to Login/Logout process.
  • Input Validation: Bugs related to valid/invalid inputs.
  • Error/Warning Messages: Bugs related to error and warning handling mechanism of the applications.
  • Crashes: Bugs related to the crashing and forced closing of the application.
  • Mobile Interruptions: Bugs related to the mobile interruptions such as incoming call,SMS and battery notifications.
  • Connectivity: bugs related to the network connectivity such as GPRS, 3G, poor network, wifi , Airplane mode , APN settings and no networks.


  • Layout/Readability: Bugs related to the general layout and readability issues of the applications.
  • Orientation: Bugs related to the orientation portrait/landscape of the application.
  • Navigation and Paging: Bugs related to the navigation and paging.
  • Zooming/Multitouching: Bugs related to zooming IN/OUT and multitouching issues.


  • Password Validation: Bugs related to weak password validation.
  • Cookies: Bugs related to insecure cookies validation.


  • Grammar Errors: Bugs related to general grammar errors of the localized applications.
  • Misspeled words: Bugs related to the misspeled words, phrases of the localized applications.
  • Misspeled/Incorrect Punctuation: Bugs related to the misspeled or incorrect punctuation or symbols usage of the localized application. For instance usage of currency symbol.


  • Installation/Uninstallation: Bugs related to the installation and uninstallation of the applications.
  • Configurations: Bugs related to the configurations of the applications.
  • Upgrades: Bugs related to the upgrades of the applications.
  • Background Process: Bugs related when the application is working in the background.
  • Battery and Memory Usage: Bugs related to the issues when the application consumes high battery and memory.
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Posted 2 months ago