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What are the Selenium WebDriver commands?

I want to know about thr selenium WebDriver commands. Please someone help me out.

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Posted 2 months ago

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Selenium Webdriver commands are the methods used to run your Selenium test automation scripts. You can use these browser commands to automate different browser actions to perform testing.

Selenium WebDriver commands in NUnit are divided in three different categories on the basis of different kinds of browser interactions. The commands are categorized based on the type of interaction and the element/application on which action is being performed. Automated browser testing involves the following Selenium commands:

  1. Web Browser Commands – Performs actions on the web browser (e.g. open, close, maximize, etc.)
  2. Web Element Commands – Performs actions on the web elements in the current window (e.g. checking a button, entering text in a textbox, clicking a button, etc.)
  3. Drop Down Commands – Performs actions on the drop-down elements in the current window (e.g. selecting or deselecting a value from drop-down window).
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Posted 2 months ago

We can generally classify Webdriver commands as:

  • Browser commands,
  • Get commands,
  • Navigation commands,
  • Webelement commands,
  • Action commands and
  • Result commands.

Top 7 Selenium Commands with Details

  1. get() methods
  2. Locating links by linkText() and partialLinkText()
  3. Selecting multiple items in a drop dropdown
  4. Submitting a form
  5. Handling iframes
  6. close() and quit() methods
  7. Exception Handling

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Posted one month ago
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2 months ago