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Why is NightwatchJS a popular automation testing framework?

Can anyone tell me why is NightwatchJS a popular automation testing framework.

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Posted 2 months ago


Nightwatch.js facilitates an end to end functional browser testing in a pure node.js environment which enables testing of web applications independent from third party software. The key purpose of lightweight and robust automated testing frameworks such as Nightwatch.js is to enable a single integrated solution for application testing. Since Nightwatch JS is built on Node.js, it has some major advantages over any other selenium automation testing tool. This automated browser testing powered by Nightwatch.js eliminates the dependency factor upon third party software consequently enhancing data integrity among diverse system components.

Nightwatch JS provides the following out of the box features:

? In Built Test Runner: It comes with an inbuilt command-line test runner suite with Grunt support for executing the automated tests.

? Test Strategy: It has the feature to execute the tests efficiently and can be performed in many ways such as parallelly, sequentially or in groups, and tags.

? Cloud Services: A good support for Cross Browser Testing with Selenium JavaScript by providing integration with the cloud-based Selenium testing providers like LambdaTest.

? Selenium Server: Ability to automatically control the standalone Selenium server with JUnit XML reporting built in.

? Assertions, CSS, and XPath: Several commands and assertions for DOM operations, CSS and XPath selectors and can be used to identify the elements on the page. This makes the Nightwatch JS framework flexible and easy to extend especially while implementing the application-specific commands and assertions.

? Continuous Integration: It offers good support for Continuous Integration and hence can be used to integrate the tests with the continuous build processing systems such as Jenkins, TeamCity, etc. and assist developers in building and testing software continuously.

Apart from all the above features that it provides, it is popular for having a clean and easy syntax, making it easier to write the tests efficiently and quickly by only making use of Node.js CSS selectors and XPath locator in Selenium.

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Posted 2 months ago