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What is the architecture of Selenium WebDriver?

I want to know what is the architecture of Selenium WebDriver. Can anyone please help me out.

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Posted 2 months ago


First of all, let’s see what is Selenium! It is a set of different software tools, each with a different approach to support test automation. Most Selenium Engineers focus on the one or two tools that most meet the needs of their project.

There are four main components of Selenium:

  1. Selenium Grid

  2. Selenium RC

  3. Selenium IDE

  4. Selenium WebDriver

Selenium WebDriver is one of the most powerful and popular tools of Selenium toolkit. Unlike Selenium IDE, WebDriver allows you to execute your tests against different browsers.

As you can see in the image above, browser drivers extends Remote WebDriver class and the Remote WebDriver class implements the WebDriver interface. WebDriver is an interface provided by Selenium WebDriver. Interfaces in Java are the collection of constants and abstract methods, similarly here WebDriver interface specifies rules that browser specific implementations should follow.

WebDriver architecture consists of 3 layers:

  1. Language Binding: to support development in multiple languages.

  2. WebDriver API: medium of communication with programming languages and browsers.

  3. Browser Drivers: help in communication with the browser.

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Posted 2 months ago