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Why is cross browser testing so important?

Can anyone please tell me why is cross browser testing so important.

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Posted 2 months ago


With ample variety of web browsers available in the market, end users have the convenience to visit your web application from multiple web browsers.

  • Flex, JavaScript, Applets, AJAX requests, Flash and many more client side components may behave differently on different web browsers with respect to their rendering engines. The process of testing whether website works consistently without any dependencies, or compromising quality in terms of feature delivery is what we term as Cross Browser Testing.
  • What we see is what we get! This is evident when we talk about overall User Experience of any website. You should have a well responsive, UI friendly website in order to be a cut above as compared to others. Also, this website must be supported uniformly through different browser.

Its a matter of statistics and realizing how impacting they are for your business. Web Browser Market Share:

  • Chrome. 55.2%
  • Safari. 13.5%
  • Internet Explorer & Edge. 6.1%
  • Firefox. 5.4%
  • Opera. 3.2%

The users belonging to a browser with least percentage can be in many thousands easily. So if you are not providing compatibility then you are missing out on a large number of potential leads.

LambdaTest is a free, web-based, scalable testing platform that assists business teams by bringing their software assessment needs to the cloud infrastructure. It offers a simplistic, user friendly and result delivering platform.

  • Allows you to choose from a range of 1400+ desktop and mobile browsers allowing you to ensure that your customers get pixel perfect experience across all screen sizes, devices, operating systems, browsers, and resolutions. Test your web apps real time on browsers that are running on real operating systems and real machines.
  • Provides 24x7 chat support to aid the customers.
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Posted 2 months ago