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How does one perform exploratory testing?

Please anyone tell me how does one perform exploratory testing.

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Posted 2 months ago


Exploratory testing involves discovery, investigation, and learning which goes hand in hand. Since, it is not pre-planned, unlike the scripted testing where the test plans, test cases, and test steps are drawn well in advance before starting to test the software.

In an Exploratory test, a minimum time is given to planning. Instead, utmost time is dedicated to testing execution. To perform Exploratory Testing, all you need to do is to highlight the scenarios you are planning to cover, as a part of the test planning stage.

While most of the emphasis is laid on test execution, the key learning which takes place simultaneously throughout the process is to be implemented during test execution for the enhancement of software.

During Exploratory test execution, the key functionalities are targeted by exploring and discovering the software, and the reported defects are noted down. These defects are further analyzed, to resolve and enhance the product services.

This way Exploratory Testing takes place with learning, test design, execution and analysis for Agile software development.

Different Types Of Exploratory Testing?

Exploratory Testing based on the approach, here are the different types of Exploratory testing techniques:

1. Scenario-based Exploratory Testing

Scenario-based Exploratory testing is when the user Explores and tests a particular scenario or functionality. Based on the learning and observation of the website or app, and its functionalities, the tester could explore and find defects for different scenarios using an Exploratory Testing technique. They tend to check a different set of possibilities with scenario-based exploratory testing.

2. Strategy Based Exploratory Testing

The approach of this type of exploratory testing is based on strategies such as boundary value analysis, risk evaluation, equivalence technique. To perform strategy based exploratory testing, the tester must be familiar with the website or application functionalities to be able to conduct it with efficiency for better results.

3. Freestyle Exploratory Testing

Freestyle Exploratory Testing is used mainly when the tester wants to do a quick smoke testing. As the name suggests, it does not have any defined approach, scenario or coverage of testing, instead, the tester proceeds in freestyle to investigate about defects. To be able to conduct a freestyle exploratory testing efficiently, the tester must be familiar with the website or app to be able to get hold of defects easily without any detailed planning.

This way as a tester you can thoroughly check the website or application using different types of exploratory testing techniques to ensure an improved product or service for a better end user experience with every version.

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Posted 2 months ago