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Why is responsive web design so important for e-commerce?

Can anyone please explain me Why is responsive web design so important for e-commerce.

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Posted 2 months ago


RWD is the need of the hour for every business running online. Especially, for an e-commerce website. It is proven by statistics that digital discovery is being more and more mobile-centric. According to a 2018 study by Statista, 51.2% of internet traffic is viewed on a mobile screen. This means mobile traffic has overtaken desktop traffic. This behaviour has led to a downfall in the audience for non-mobile friendly websites.

An E-commerce business always offers a sale after another to invite more traffic to their website. Let us consider a real-time example, say you are running a fashion web store and you have declared a black Friday sale from 9–12 pm. Now if your website is not responsive then you cannot attract customers from mobiles. So you will be missing out on people who are travelling without their desktop, laptops etc. You will also be missing out on people who are too lazy to open a desktop in order to shop online.

Most important you will drop down in competition. With so many vendors offering services through mobile, the users prefer the convenience of accessing a website without bounding themselves in a chair and desk like they do with the desktop ones.

It is why running a responsive website is imperative. Keep a note of the following for running a successful e-commerce business:

? Website’s Performance Issues It is often observed that the website when accessed via mobile faces performance issues. Due to incorrect and lengthy coding, the website may become slow and customers may face issues during flash sales or while checking out and proceeding to the payment gateway. Failures in payment are also common which may lead to the user getting frustrated. Proper performance testing should be executed before the website is deployed in production.

? Support on Multiple Browsers A website may look different on Google Chrome with a comparison to Mozilla Firefox. Cross browser compatibility is also an important factor. Earlier it was the reign of internet explorer, but currently, it is one of the least preferred browsers. There are hundreds of browsers, even local browsers of certain mobile devices which are user favourites. Perform cross browser testing of your e-commerce to ensure it is browser compatible and accessible by different user zones.

? Support on Multiple Devices Nowadays, users mostly use their mobile devices to access websites. This is also applicable to e-commerce applications. Many old e-commerce sites are still stuck to desktop versions and do not work properly in mobile. With the increase of mobile internet traffic, you should keep a check that your website is easily accessible through all major mobile phone providers.

LambdaTest provides you with an effective way of testing responsiveness of any website through various screen sizes. You can test to check whether your RWD works or not over 44 devices ranging from iOS to Android in a single test session.

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Posted 2 months ago