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How does responsive web design work?

Please someone tell me how does responsive web design work.

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Posted 2 months ago


The bounce back rate of users is so elevated, you need an extra edge to your website for attracting more publicity and traffic towards it. RWD (Responsive Web Design) plays an indispensable role in it.

RWD – Responsive Web Design

A method of allowing your web pages to render through multiple devices or screen sizes without compromising the overall functionality. Devices could be a tablet, desktop, notebook or a smartphone.

This is accomplished by defining media queries with respect to the view port of the device.

Some key mistakes to avoid as you approach towards RWD:

? Using Large Sized Media Elements

Fix –

  • Leave the 4k and 2k images for desktop and use low-resolution images to be displayed when the site is opened using a mobile device.
  • Remove unnecessary videos that do not add any value to your website.
  • Use vector images instead of .png as they are scalable and have very less size.

? Complicated Navigation and Indexing.

Fix –

  • Categorize the menu and sub items and arrange them in a way so that the user does not face any problem in going back to the previous menu or figuring out which button does what.
  • Keep a “scroll to top” button in case of a lengthy page that will save the effort of scrolling up to the top of the page.
  • Keep a fixed header for the mobile device so that user does not have to scroll up every time they want to move to another page or another menu item.

? Buttons and Gestures Compatibility

Fix –

  • Remember, clicking an item on a desktop is easier because of the small size of the mouse pointer. In mobile, users have to use their thumb or index, which is almost a millimeter thick for this purpose. Adjust the fonts and size of buttons so that end users don’t face any problem while navigating.
  • Keep a minimum of 20 pixels between each item to avoid errors caused by interfacing.
  • Instead of testing on an emulator, unit testing should be done manually on real devices to ensure that the application can be used comfortably by an end user.

LambdaTest provides you an effective way of testing responsiveness of any website through various screen sizes. You can test to check whether your RWD works or not over 44 devices in a single test session.

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Posted 2 months ago