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What are the best project management and team management tools?

Lately i have been searching about the best project management and team management tools. Can anyone please help me out.

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Posted 3 months ago


With an abundance of Project Management tools available on the internet, choosing the right one can be quite troublesome. This article’s purpose is to ease the filtering process for you and your business. Here is a list of top 10 Project Management tools that will enable your team members to generate more productivity by promoting a bonding between the team members.


This is a packaged tool that allows the user to create a task and assign them to the members of a testing team based on its priority. It has been widely popular among various organizations because of features like customizable scrum board, reports that show the work progress of both Kanban and Agile team and also a backlog grooming, that helps project managers to design strategies and track work.

2. Scoro: Bring Structure To Your Work

This team collaboration tool is not free, but with its cost, it comes with a lot of facilities, which can be easily customized to fit in the workflow.

It enables individual members to share files internally within the team. The user can create unlimited projects and team members can be given joint access to multiple projects if required. Apart from tracking the team’s progress, the user can also create invoices using templates.

3. Slack – Where Work Happens

Apart from being widely used as an instant messenger, Slack is also an effective team collaboration tool.

It allows users to segregate discussions into different categories based on the purpose or department. Provides opportunities like file sharing and searching for information. Users can customize the tool or set preferences based on whatever solution they require.

4. WebEx: Work Where You Are

This is an IM and chats service that enables your team members to create chat rooms and share files both in the room as well as one-on-one. Not only that, but it also provides facilities like screen sharing, video calling, log in as a guest as well as unlimited storage.

5. BitBucket – Built for Professional Teams

Developed by Atlassian, the company that owns Hipchat and JIRA, Bitbucket is an efficient team collaboration tool. It offers an unlimited number of private repositories to its users. However, unlike Github, it does not focus on open source. Rather, its purpose is to help developers and testers within an organization to collaborate in projects.

6. Igloo – Digital Workplace Solutions

Now, team cohesion becomes much stronger with the help of this team collaboration tool that gives you the opportunity to create a customizable project. The access to that project can be made public or private. You can also restrict or give additional access to your team members.

7. Trello – lets you work more collaboratively and get more done

It is a cloud-based platform that allows the user to organize their projects using cards that are displayed on the dashboard. You can write on the cards, move them around and remove them whenever you want. The columns in the card show different phases of the project. As progress is made on each project, the card is moved along the board. You can thus see the status of all the projects your team is working on.

8. Yammer – Connect and engage across your organization

Yammer is a corporate social network that helps employees to collaborate effectively from different locations as well as departments. It is entirely focused on business and to join, members need to have a working email id registered under the company domain. Your testing team can create a separate group with restricted access where they can connect and share their idea and knowledge.

9. Paymo – Work Happy

This is a project management application that is dedicated mostly for freelancers and also for small organizations working on web development projects, social media, marketing and other agencies. The main objective of this application is to build a collaborative platform where users can share their knowledge and resources with the team, manage time and schedule assignments to the respective team members.

10. Teamwork

Teamwork is another multi-purpose team collaboration tool that allows you to assign the task to the team members, communicate with them and track the progress of their work. It is popular among the users because of its robustness, security and single sign-on feature.+

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Posted 3 months ago