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How do I write a bug report that will make developers happy?

Please can anyone give me a report on How do I write a bug report that will make developers happy.

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Posted 2 months ago


There is no single bug report, no matter how beautifully written can make a developer happy.

The best thing that you can do is to not to write a bug report

Jokes apart, you can use the following points while writing your bug report.

Title And Summary

The title of the bug must be clear, concise and easy to comprehend. The client or the project manager must be able to clearly figure out what the issue is by a slight glance at the title. You may add a prefix to the title in case you want it or the client recommends it. Sometimes, the summary does not summarize the bug well. Your bug report should be easy to comprehend. A good title should preferably contain a brief explanation of the root cause of the bug or some of the problems the bug is leading to.

Type Of Bug

Understanding the type of the bug is also important when it comes to allocating it a spot on the priority list. You need to figure out whether the error is technical, functional or pertaining to the user interface.

How Hard And Often Does It Affect The System?

Sometimes, the bugs are not big impact and can wait to get fixed. For instance, consider the spelling mistakes in the content of a website. Although they are bugs technically and need to be fixed, however, they are low severity and low priority. Their presence would not keep the user from using the portal. Such bugs are low-priority bugs. On the other end, there are issues like the website crashing every time the user tries uploading something. Such bugs are high priority bugs and need to be fixed right away. It generally, depends on the tester’s as well as the client’s intuition and judgment as to which bugs need immediate attention and which ones can wait a little more. Ultimately, although, you need to fix them all.

Frequency Of Occurrence

How frequently the bug occurs also decides its position on the priority list. The ones occurring frequently usually need to be treated quickly.

Besides, you should work really hard on isolating the bug. It is good if you attempt to isolate the bug at least six times in order to analyze and identify the shortest path to it.

Hence, this was a general overview of the triaging process. Lastly, it can be concluded that triaging is a team effort. Deriving valuable insights from each other and working on the bugs can lead to incredible results. You and your team should commit to some predefined deadlines in order to be more productive. Apart from that, a rule of thumb is to identify the steps properly while dealing with a bug. Listing or working on unnecessary steps like installing the application will only lead to wastage of time. In case you plan to present a video for the reference of others, it should have all the steps from beginning to end. Your steps should make sense to everyone and not just you.

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Posted 2 months ago