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What is the better solution to deal with CTA button that has long label name in design?

Please someone tell me what is the better solution to deal with CTA button that has long label name in design.

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Posted 3 months ago


Although, keeping your CTA labels short is considered as a best practice in design there are certain scenarios where we need to provide a lengthy label for adding relevancy to the website from an end-user point of view. Here are some ways you deal with a CTA button that has a long label name in design.

? Catchy Hovering

Have a style for your buttons to display more information or attractive animation when the user hovers over them. You can even show additional information on popup or tooltip form to show the user what the CTA is intended for. This is particularly important when the action is complicated and you do not have enough words to name the CTA. Here is an example of eye-catching animation:

Here is an example of displaying more information by hovering in LambdaTest:

When the mouse hovers over the ‘?’ then additional text hovers mentioning “Local Testing Support”.

? Name Your Buttons Short & Crisp

Efficient naming is an important part among the UX practices for CTAs. Keep your text short so that the user will be able to understand the purpose of that button. For example – If you are hosting an e-learning website and a user is willing to start a course can do so with the help of a CTA declared at the bottom of the post. Then keep your text short & precise like “Get Started”, “Let’s Begin” or ‘Start’ etc.

? Make the CTAs Noticeable

Use bold colors, sharp edges and large and clear fonts. All these falls among the best UX practices for CTA. This makes the button noticeable even in a website that is clustered with contents and media elements.

? Typography, Mate, Typography!

You can make your CTA stand out from the rest with appropriate CTA Typography. Don’t keep your CTAs too close to each other, certainly, don’t make them overlap by anyway. Clear the area around them and efficiently use paddings and margins. Whitespaces actually draw attention to your CTA.

Uber in the above example has made a perfect use of padding and margins for optimizing the display of their CTAs.

There are certain tips for CTA Design optimization that you should always experiment in order to realize what your customers are expecting.

Always remember to check the variations of the CTAs.

Create a few variants of the CTA and check with which variant, your website is getting the highest conversion rate. Use the one that works the most. However, the result may change from time to time. An important CTA design tip is to experiment with different variants frequently.

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Posted 3 months ago
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3 months ago