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What are the common mistakes UI designer will make when creating design?

Please can anyone tell me about the common mistakes that a UI designer will make when creating design.

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Posted 3 months ago


Here are the most probable UI design mistakes that even a pro UI designer can make:

Eye-catching flash elements

The recent UI design tips states that simplified elements attracts a user more rather than using eye-catching color and buttons. Especially, usage of flash elements must be avoided since they are not supported in many browsers, resulting in failure in cross-browser testing.

Non Responsive Web Design

Today, all organizations are following the mobile first approach. It is ideal that you must think alike your competitors and develop a website that adheres to the best UI practices related to responsive design, works properly on all devices without any horizontal scrolling and has passed all cross-browser testing strategies for mobile as well as desktop browsers.

Website not being cross-browser compatible

Today, with so many browsers available on the internet, with their usage share varying across different demographics and devices, we shall give you one of the best UI design tips before you release your website. Perform proper cross-browser testing and make sure that your website runs properly on all the targeted browsers. Here is an example of a div that looks different in every browser.

The above image is a demonstration of the unique div on LambdaTest platform. You can notice how the appearance is differing from Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox. LambdaTest is a cross browser testing tool that allows you to test your website’s RWD(Responsive Web Design) among 2000+browsers and their assorted versions running on real operating systems.

Improper font-size

Keeping a consistent font-size and font-family is very important when you are following the best UI practices. Bold and big typographies are accepted, but it is improper if there is a 4:1 ratio between the font size of a heading and a paragraph.

Designing a complicated prototype

A complicated prototype with too many elements and not proper indexing not at all falls among the best UI practices. It will lead to the developer getting confused and may result in a site that is full of bugs and not at all fulfilling the customer requirements.

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Posted 2 months ago