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What are the top website responsive testing tools?

Can anyone please suggest me some of the top website responsive testing tools.

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Posted 2 months ago


We interact with multiple devices like mobile, desktop/laptop, tablet, etc. and come across huge amounts of web content every day. All these devices vary in resolution and screen size and each of these should render web pages correctly on all screen sizes.

The primary focus of Responsive Web Design (RWD) is to cater a consistent browsing experience to its users no matter what device is being used. It aims to provide the seamless experience of scrolling, browsing, and navigating regardless of screen sizes.

Responsive testing is done in two different ways:

  • Browser-based tool: An example is Viewport Resize, a browser-based tool that checks the responsiveness of your website by changing the viewport based on device size and resolution.
  • Stand-alone tool/app: Here you need to enter your device URL to find the responsiveness of the web content in your device. Here’s is a list of top responsive testing tools.
  1. LambdaTest

  2. Studio Press:

  3. Screenfly

  4. Am I responsive?

  5. Responsinator

  6. Google DevTools Device Mode

  7. Browserstack

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Posted 2 months ago