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Which are the trending tools for website and mobile testing?

Please someone suggest me which are the trending tools for website and mobile testing.

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Posted 2 months ago


A rising trend in the domain of automation testing is leading to more systems being developed in every minute.

With the development of information technology, the testing domain is also changing. Gone are the days when the testing phase of a software is satisfied by just manual testing. With the IT industry already witnessing DevOps there are few skills that are needed to be adopted by a tester in 2019 to remain competitive.

1. Testing in Advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

A horde of futuristic developments is brought in the IT industry by Artificial Intelligence. The center stage is already dominated by natural language processing, neural systems, and machine learning. The best thing about artificial intelligence is the capacity of a system in developing more systems.

Machine learning can be used in the banking domain to model real-time transactions and. Machine learning along with AI can also predict fraudulent transactions. Organizations that are ready to dive into the digital domain are going to experiment with high impact scenarios developed by machine learning in the following years. A tester must be ready to understand the evolving trends in the testing domain and in order to stay competitive, will need to develop test case scenarios that can validate all the possible outcomes.

2. Quality Engineering to Drive DevOps

The basic ideology of DevOps is based on collaboration between QA professionals, developers and other departments of an organization. A critical part of the business is handled by the testing team, since developers are not only involved in creating an application, but also quality analysis, fixing defects and maintenance of the product. A greater speed of quality assurance and code deployment is propelled by DevOps which will finally lead to high returns on investment and a faster way to deal with the product in a cost-efficient manner.

3. Performance Engineering

Performance testing is already dominating the testing domain and in the following years, it will remain the key behind running a successful application. Keeping user experience as the primary focus, the evolution of performance testing is happening in the industry and it is turning into performance engineering.

4. Cloud-based testing tools

The use of cloud-based testing tools is going to be prevalent in the coming year. From cross-browser testing to performance testing, testers and developers are going to take the help of cloud-based tools to fulfill their testing needs.

5. Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the current trend happening since last year. Most organizations are focused on digital adaptation in order to stay ahead in the race. Digital testing, thereby is becoming more extrusive and is going to be the key to the success of digital projects for a long time. For better optimization of functional testing, testers will be required to figure out robust strategies in the field of digital assurance.

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Posted 2 months ago