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When is the best situation to implement test automation? When is it really worth it?

Please anyone tell me the best situation to implement test automation? When is it really worth it.

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Posted 2 months ago


Manual and Automation testings have important roles to play but one needs to be aware of when to make use of the right one.

Time Consumption and Cost to the Company

In a project where the content is large and the testing phase runs for quite a long time, automation testing is the perfect choice since

  1. It reduces the number of resources required.
  2. Multiple types of similar test case scenarios can be executed simultaneously with a single script.
  3. For a large project, the estimated budget is sufficient enough to afford the setup and maintenance of an automated testing tool. However, in small projects where the testing phase runs for only a few weeks, Manual testing is more preferable since

False Positives and False Negatives

A false positive is a scenario where the system is fundamentally working fine but the automation scripts show otherwise. This could cost a tester a huge amount of his time and money for finding something which doesn’t even exist. Vice-versa, a false negative is a scenario where the automation script declares the system to be working fine when in reality, it isn’t! This happens if the initial stage of a database is inaccurate or if test environment settings are abrupt due to network issues. So even if you do have automation testing the accuracy of test results will still not be guaranteed.

Cloud Computing Softwares are vastly dependent on automated testing tools. The reason being that the resources shared on the cloud is supposed to be accessible by anytime, anywhere and by anybody with an internet facility. So testing whether your software is working as intended all day & everywhere could not only be very tedious and faulty if done manually. But it could also be highly time-consuming. If you are worried about your product instability and have a long list of test cases to perform on daily basis then automation testing can ease your life.

Regression testing is made considerably effortless with the help of automated scripts.

You can use a platform like QAppAssure which allows you to test on-cloud and on-field devices, across 100+ device, make and models, Integrate with Jira, CI/CD tools, and also use Appium, Calabash, Espresso, UIAutomator, XCUITest.

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Posted one month ago