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What is the future for manual testing?

Please somone provide me information regarding the future for manual testing.

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Posted 2 months ago


In the new age of automation testing, manual testing is being framed as unnecessary and a waste of manpower. After watching an automation program execute an entire test case library swiftly, trust and faith in automation testing can highly increase. However, the value of manual testing can never be underestimated, and there are some reasons for which manual testing is still prevailing.

Browser Compatibility Testing Errors

Manual exploratory testing is equally important in finding browser compatibility issues, especially visual layout issues.

Even Automation Can Have Error

Automation is nothing but a manually entered script. Just like an error filled code it can fail. When a code is manually tested, it is ensured that the application is being tested from a user’s point of view with no room for errors.

Validation of User Experience

The use of automated testing for responsiveness in the user interface of an application is widely appreciated. However, it is not supposed to be an aid, but a boost to your UI testing capabilities.

Foundation of Testing Skills

Only the end result of automation is fruitful. The development of scripts and framework set up is not at all easy. An effective automation tester should have the knowledge and expertise of understanding test cases apart from foundation of programming skills. A person can acquire those skill sets over years of experience in manual quality analysis.

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Posted 2 months ago
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2 months ago