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How do I start with microservices security testing?

Can anyone please provide me information on how do I start with microservices security testing.

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Posted 3 months ago


If want to have a quality end product for your users. It is crucial to test the microservices architecture according to its features to enjoy all the benefits of its modular structure.

General considerations about the application security testing are bound with the very core of the microservices nature. To track and eliminate every possible issue, the used tools and strategies need to consider their modularity, independence, and flexibility.

One would not test a microservices architecture as a whole. There is a need to find tooling able to scan pieces of code (a.k.a. microservices) independently.

The chosen security solution has to focus on the following:

Code scanning

As we talked previously, the microservices source code is replicable. That is why it is necessary to conduct vulnerability scanning up to the single code line or a part of it to ensure everything is seamless and may be repeated further without causing trouble.


Technologies are developing fast. However, it seems that hackers are developing even faster as each day brings new attacks and data breaches. Thus, the used security solutions have to be up to date to be able to protect microservices. Moreover, they need to be responsive to the development needs. That is to be capable of assessments whenever required: continuous, scheduled, or on demand.


As every microservice is to some extent custom, so has to be the security solution. Often it means having to perform separate software testing for each one. It should be possible to adjust security requests to correspond to the aim of a microservice. It is crucial to remember that to ensure thorough and accurate vulnerability testing, all of this is taken into account while performing tests. The microservices architecture is specific and needs to be treated accordingly.

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Posted 2 months ago