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What are some good books to learn unix shell scripting for beginners?

Can anyone please suggest me some some good books to learn unix shell scripting for beginners.

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Posted 3 months ago


People follow several ways to learn a new programming language. Some follow blogs, some go for online tutorials, some invest in college courses and classes, and some like to sit with a well written book.

Personally, I believe in the traditional manner of learning something through books. Coming to Unix, since its birth in 1960, the language has been constantly under development. Specially for mobile development and server environment management, it is very important to learn Unix, since it builds up the base for advanced programming.

In this article, I have listed down top books to read if you want to improve your proficiency in Unix and Shell scripting. Some of the books listed here are for beginners while others are for developers who already have some basic knowledge in Unix. Let’s get started without any further delay.

Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment

This book is one of the best available in the market. Sir Richard Steven wrote this book about 3 decades ago when Unix was first developed and developers consider this to be a timeless classic. Beginners in Unix language starts building up their concepts through some amazing features like

  • Examples of practical code with line wise explanation.

  • Graphical illustrations that makes you understand how different processes work.

  • Different editions of the book are released, each updated with the latest tutorials according to version change of the Unix operating system.

If you want to learn Unix, this is the best book to get started. Also, for people who already know Unix and want to refresh some old concepts or learn new ones, this book is recommended by developers all around the world.

Advanced Unix Programming

Mark J. Rochkind wrote the second edition of this book to provide developers with a more up to date way of gathering knowledge. This book can be used both as a workbook or a reference.

  • It explains a bit about the history of Linux.

  • Chapters cover signals, sockets, thread, etc. in details.

Earlier, the book by Stevens was considered to be the best for developers learning Linux, but in terms of readability, this book is slightly better.

The list mentioned above is based on reviews by readers as well as my personal opinion. Many other books are available in the market which a programmer will love to read. For becoming a better programmer, Linux is a language must to learn since it teaches you a lot about networking, system programming, operating systems and also inter-process communications. So, hurry up, these books are available for purchase at any online retail store. Grab them and take a deep dive in the world of shell scripting and kernel programming.

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Posted 2 months ago