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Which programming language is good for testers?

Please someone suggest me the programming language which is good for testers.

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Posted 3 months ago


Here is a list of some good programming languages for testers


Framework for JavaScript

Cucumber JS:

It is the most popular framework for JavaScript. Writing code is more like writing instructions in Simple English. Its Uniqueness is what you will like the most.


Nightwatch is one of the preferred framework for experienced developers. Built using Node.js, Nightwatch is a W3C WebDriver API based automated testing framework for web applications and websites.


It is an open source functional automation framework which is also known as E2E testing framework which lets AngularJS web applications.

2. Java

Framework for Java


It supports all kinds of platforms and languages. It also have a strong community support because of which it is very easy to extend via plugins. In addition it also have strong native support for external data source.


It have a very strong community support and it easy to merge test builds. Another reason behind popularity of TestNG is its native support for running test cases parallely. It is annotation based framework that lets you test in arbitrarily big thread pool. It have flexible test configuration.


It is one of the most popular open source tool. It also have easy integration with Java IDEs , eclipse, Netbeans.

3. Python

Frameworks for Python


Behave is built from ground up to support Behavior-driven development (or BDD ) and agile software development. It also helps in easy collaboration between the developers, QA and non-technical in a software project.


It is a also a BDD oriented framework that permits to run automated python tests from plain-text. There is no additional setup needed to setup python compiler.


It is standard unit testing framework module for Python. Based on mature XUnit framework development, PyUnit can reuse setup codes.

4. C#

Frameworks for C#


It lets you the test results in readable format and lets the allow testers to debug the automated tests.

Visual studio unit testing framework

Built for the Visual Studio development platform by microsoft, Visual Studio Unit Testing Framework (also know as MSTest), is a very popular tool among .Net developers.


Specflow is another open source framework that works seamlessly with Gherkin Parse, .Net framework, and even Xamarin. In addition you can also use other C# based libraries with it like NUnit, MStest, xUnit and MbUnit.

5. PHP

Frameworks for PHP


Codeception is an Automated Testing Framework that makes the code easy to read, write and debug. It is also called as BDD – Behavior Driven Development.


Behat is an open-source testing framework that is favoured by developers because of ease of test case management it provides.


It is used for the unit as well as Web testing framework that supports proxies, SSI, forms, frames etc. it is easy to understand and natively help in tracking of bugs during unit testing.

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Posted 2 months ago