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What websites are great for website design inspiration?

Please suggest me some websites which are great for website design inspiration.

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Posted 3 months ago


A great user interface can make or break your Software-as-a-Service business. A great interface resonates with the users and complements their work, increasing their productivity, and of course, improves retention and stickiness.

Visitor starts evaluating a SaaS company at its website.You can’t deny that when an anonymous user visits your B2B site, first impressions always matter!

We here at LambdaTest as well did research on most popular SaaS product websites and found many interested design hacks. And here we compiled the list of top SaaS companies whose design pattern are most inspiring to me and I hope it will inspire you all.

LambdaTest LambdaTest is great example of expressive visual hierarchy with clear functionality of every element. Interactive user interface and great user experience.

Drift Drift is a good example of minimalistic design with big amount of spare space and flat illustration which makes it more interactive and user friendly.

Slack Slack delivers seamless user experience supporting the general stylistic concept across all platforms.

Litmus Litmus is a nice blend of minimalism and modern design. The More of Less,Joshua Becker said:You don’t need more space.You need less stuff.

MailChimp MailChimp combines vast amounts of data with empathetic design to make useful products. The design is minimalistic and uncluttered bringing aesthetic satisfaction as one of the factors of desirability in UX. Perfect design inspiration for productivity oriented SaaS companies.

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Posted 2 months ago