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Why there are cross-browser issues?

Can anyone please tell me Why there are cross-browser issues.

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Posted 3 months ago


Cross browser compatibility bugs are inevitable for any web project irrespective of whatever platform they are using for development. And most importantly, they keep creeping in at every iteration.

Since it’s first inception, JavaScript has been the main culprit behind browser compatibility issues, as it was the fastest growing technology of the time. So fast that most browsers had to catch up to give support. However, after new HTML5 standards, JS got a new partner in causing havoc. Since HTML and CSS are the simpler languages, people misunderstood them as not being the culprit for cross browser compatibility issues. However, this doesn’t always hold true. Many times the smallest member of the house is the problematic one and may cause a lot of unknown issues.

I got two related articles which can help you understand cross-browser compatibility issues better.

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Posted 2 months ago