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What are the objectives of software quality assurance?

Can anyone please tell me what are the objectives of software quality assurance.

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Posted 2 months ago


You can’t expect to increase customer reach by just developing a software and not testing it! If a developer performs testing then also it won’t be enough. Testing in itself is a very vast domain. A team of developers all alone can’t comprehend how hundreds and thousands of customers will make an approach towards their developed feature.

So you need a sound QA(Quality Assurance) check to assure the product is robust in different ways.

Importance of software quality assurance:-

  1. Helps in delivering a robust software product to your customers, ultimately increasing the customer retention rate. Remember, if you don’t provide a customer-centric product then the road to your competitor is never long.

  2. Quality Assurance helps in ensuring a dynamic & better UI(User Interface) & UX(User Experience) by figuring out any unintended functionalities and bugs.

  3. Provide a sense of reliability – QA helps in ensuring the reliability of our code, pipeline, infrastructure & overall product.

  4. Minimizes the risk of outages.

Quality Assurance plays a vital role as best practices for Software Testing.

Most of the times a web-app workflow comprises of 3 environments dedicating one for each team: Dev, QA a.k.a Staging & Prod in your release migration workflow.


  • Developers are free to apply the fix on existing bugs in any way they deem efficient in the local Dev environment.

  • Developers perform unit testing for the validation of the latest feature implemented by them.

  • Once unit testing is successful, the feature is pipelined into Staging or QA for testing and quality assurance.

  • Staging is where regression testing takes place to make sure that recent features are applying a fix to the problems without disturbing any other functionality of the existing application.

  • Release date arrives and the features who passed with flying colours in a Staging environment are migrated to Production.

Every company big or small needs a QA Dedicated Environment For Testing. Primarily, for hastening disaster recovery – For instance, if a recent release is causing disruption of service in your product then you can roll back to the previous version with a lot less to worry about. This is vital if you are offering a SaaS where one outage could result in losing a large number of valuable customers.

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Posted 2 months ago