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How can you avoid common mistakes during mobile site optimization?

Can anyone please provide me information on how can i avoid common mistakes during mobile site optimization.

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Posted 3 months ago


In the current age of digitalization, people are driven towards digital discovery through a mobile-first approach. Mobile site optimization is vital for not only customer retention & engagement but also for ranking higher on SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages). However, with everyone thriving to achieve a mobile-friendly website, mistakes come as a part of a package. I believe one should be careful about the below-mentioned keynotes to avoid silly mistakes related to mobile site optimization.

  1. Use a single website instead of creating a new one specific to mobile users and make it scalable.

  2. Make sure the size of hyperlinks and buttons are large enough. So that the user doesn’t get frustrated by opening them unintendedly.

  3. Perform proper usability testing to ensure that all the hyperlinks, buttons and other web elements are easily clickable on the mobile screen.

  4. Google has developed a tool to test whether your website is mobile friendly or not. Make sure you visit the tool and perform a test on your website by providing the website’s URL in the dialog box.

  5. Make sure that all the media elements are properly played.

  6. Perform cross browser testing as your website will behave differently on different browsers and devices.

  7. For increasing your site’s ranking in Google, add rich snippets, dynamic and unique content, images along with other media elements like animations and video.

  8. Most important, avoid lengthy forms to increase user engagement rate.

  9. It is critical to take feedbacks from the users on how you could do better with your website.

Apart from these, make sure that your site has a cool landing page with carousels and CTAs that makes a user curious enough to explore what is inside.

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Posted 2 months ago
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3 months ago