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How many of you have heard of PWA (Progressive Web Apps)?

Please anyone tell me how many of you have heard of PWA (Progressive Web Apps).

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Posted 3 months ago


Progressive Web Apps or PWAs are ruling the tech world. Since their arrival, almost every application is moving towards progressive web app or is planning to do so.

Developers have been trying to fully implement pure web-based apps for mobile devices since the launch of iPhone in 2007, but it is only from last 1-2 years that we have seen a headway in this direction.

Progressive Web Applications are pure web-based that acts and feels like native apps. They can be added as icons to home and app tray, open in full screen (without browser), have pure native app kind of user experience, and generates notifications. However, this article might be helpful if you want to dig more into PWA.

All you need to know about PWA.

Some of the statistics by companies using PWA


  • saw increase of 150% for people who add its PWA to home screen
  • 97% increase in clicks
  • 67% people continued to browser site after coming online from the point where they went offline


  • core engagements increased by 60%
  • 44% increase in user-generated ad revenue
  • 40% increased in time spent on the site


  • 80% increase in conversion rates
  • takes less than 3 seconds to load

Twitter Lite

  • 65% increase in pages per session
  • 75% increase in tweets
  • 20% decrease in bounce rate
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Posted 2 months ago