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What's most important for advancing in QA/testing?

Can anyone please tell what's most important for advancing in QA/testing.

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Posted 3 months ago


QA testing is something which is suggested as best practice but considered as a burden. Many of us feel pounded with the thought of extra investment and effort involved to upkeep it. The staging environment or QA environment is not to be blamed for poor Production results. Poor Production results are a reflection of mismanagement conducted in terms of using the QA environment.

Here are some important factors to keep in mind as you maintain your QA testing environment.

  • Staging being the closest of all environments to Production needs a continuous monitoring. Monitoring helps you to prevent any code deployment above the threshold limit offering state stability, ultimately preventing the QA from going erratic. Don’t simply rely on monitoring tools!

  • Plan a proper time window to perform QA testing instead of running your tests in QA at the 11th hour.

  • Make your QA as identical to your Production as possible. I am talking about live internet traffic load, mimic your production database & even if you apply a tiny fix to an outage then make sure you migrate the same in QA as well.

  • Maintain an Isolated server for QA testing. Hosting your Staging server on the same place as your Production is a major mistake that not only brings confusion but also risks data leakage & disruption as a whole.

  • Performing exploratory QA testing is crucial for eliminating the risk of unknowns.

  • In the case of Microservice Architecture. It becomes very challenging to map all external & internal microservices with latest versions that are running in Production. This is tough but is also crucial for ensuring a reliable quality product in the market.

  • Develop a code reviewing process. Make sure that a code generated which is deployed by one team in QA gets thoroughly reviewed by another development team.

If you are working in Agile then schedule your code migration to QA on weekly basis. Follow best practices for software testing, they will serve you as a bible for successful implementation of QA.

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Posted 2 months ago