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Why is cross browser testing so important?

Please tell me why is cross browser testing so important.

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Posted 3 months ago


Last two decades have seen a tremendous increase in the web. In 1998 there were around 2.4 Million websites, now there are around 1.8 billion. And that is exactly an increase of 74900%. Not just this, the number of internet users has shot up by 2727% from 147 million in 1998 to 4,157 million in 2018. The number of mobile users back in 1998 were 318 million whereas in 2018 it’s 7740 million. A straight advancement of 2333%.

Growth in number of websites, internet users, and mobile users from 1998 to 2018

There is so much content on the web that multiple lifetimes would not be enough to go through it all. You can find everything starting from how to cook an omelet to how to make an airplane. Like every damn thing! And people are viewing this content on more than 3000 different types of web enabled devices.

That’s what we are concerned about.

More users, more devices, more platforms,more browsers and ultimately more ways in which your website can be viewed. So, your major concern should be do your users (who are browsing your website on thousands of distinct devices) see your website the same way you want them to see?

The growth in web also resulted in multiple different types of technologies to build this web ecosystem, and significant diverse tools, like web browsers, to access and interact with this content.

Unfortunately, not all technologies are mutually compatible with each other.

A web developer would always need to make sure that their website is compatible with every technology hence the need for cross browser compatibility testing.

Once the users face some problem, they will leave your site and will never come back. So, yes! Cross-browser compatibility is quite a needful thing.

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Posted 2 months ago