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What is the future for a manual tester?

Can anyone please tell me the future for a manual tester.

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Posted 3 months ago


Although it is true that the need for automation testing is dawning upon businesses but that doesn’t imply that the scope for manual testing is degrading side by side. People often underestimate the scope of manual testing as they consider it to be a waste of time and resources but this is where they are wrong. Automation testing is depended upon good manual testers. Great manual test scripts will act as a fuel to a much more effective automated testing. You can’t expect a machine to think out of the box! It is why Manual Testing is always going to prevail the industry.

Reasons that place manual testing above the automation.

1.Even Automation Can Have Error - Automation is nothing but a manually entered script. Just like an error-filled code, it can fail. An incorrect automation script can be deduced as a functionality that failed in your application, worst case scenario is an error in the code being passed as a correct functionality. When a code is manually tested, it is ensured that the application is being tested from a user’s point of view with no room for errors.

2.Automation is Costly for Small Projects

When opting for automation testing, the organization has to keep the following things in mind

  • The automation software itself is costly
  • Management and maintenance of the software is not free
  • Loss of time because of software setup and processing
  • Scriptwriting and rewriting in Agile can be time-consuming
  • The cost and time consumed can be afforded in the case of a large application. But in the case of smaller projects, automation testing can prove to be a considerable waste of money and time. A manual tester can do the job needed to be done at a much lower cost.

3.Validation of User Experience - Automation testing in UI works by checking the placement of an element, alignment and distance between elements and the container. A small error in the automation script will result in misinterpretation of one such alignment. A manual tester can immediately detect if something looks a little “off” in the UI and mark the test case as “fail”.

4.Fast Reproduction of Errors in Production - For all web-based applications, hotfixes are a must. A manual tester can go through the information submitted by end users, quickly reproduce the error and inform the developer about where the error is actually happening. With automation testing, the time between a fix and a customer issue is delayed.

5.Myths related to Automation -

  • You can deploy a 100% fully automated testing! – These scripts are written by a human, there is only a limit to how far-sighted one can be! Doesn’t matter how tremendous testers are working under your firm, they can’t predict all the possible test cases required to call a software 100% bug-free.

  • Just Record and Playback. That is all there is to it! – Many automation tool vendors advertise mentioning us to just record and playback for automating the testing process through their tool. But that isn’t true! The real automation starts after the playback once you have the idea regarding the test script being generated by the tool.

  • Automation Testing is going to substitute Manual Testing! – Since a 100% automation is an impossibility, manual testing will always be irreplaceable. The point of automation testing is to allow testers the time to look for loopholes in the system manually and think of better test cases. Manual testing can never be trivialized.

Will Automation help improve business efficiency? Yes. Is Automation the only way of improving business efficiency? No! There are many other ways of going around it. Consider automation as one of the tools available in your garage. You need to be aware of how to use that tool to tune your car up to shape. It is important to be wary about the Common Challenges Faced During Website Automated Testing.

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Posted 2 months ago