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What are the types of failures you need to debug in protractor tests?

Can anyone please inform me about the types of failures you need to debug in protractor tests.

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Posted 3 months ago


There are major types of failure scenarios that are encountered while performing Protractor testing. Below are some of the main reasons for failure:

  • Expectation Failure
  • WebDriver Failure
  • WebDriver Unexpected Failure
  • Protractor Angular Failure
  • Protractor Timeout Failure Here you will get a detailed explanation about failures in this Protractor tutorial.

Expectation Failure

This is one of frequently occurring and the most common failures encountered when the normal flow execution of the test fails. This results in an expectation failure.

WebDriver Failure

If we encounter a scenario where an element or attribute is not found or even when there is an uncertainty in the address requested by the browser. This results in a Web Driver failure error as the requested command is not executed by the web driver.

WebDriver Unexpected Failure

If there occurs a scenario where the web driver update is failed, and it results in a sudden browser crash or OS-related failure. This state is known as web driver unexpected failure.

Protractor Angular Failure

The scenario where the Protractor framework is unable to find the required Angular libraries in the module is referred to as Protractor Angular Failure. This type of failure also occurs when the useAllAngular2AppRoots attribute is missing from the configurations and it also causes the test process to expect multiple elements but only processing with the single root element.

Protractor Timeout Failure

When the test suite gets stuck in a loop for a long period of time and as a result, the data is not returned in the speculated time. This type of failure is known as Protractor Timeout Failure.

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Posted 2 months ago