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What are the major reasons of using pytest fixtures?

I want to know about the major reasons of using pytest fixtures. Can anyone please help me with that.

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Posted 3 months ago


pytest fixtures are used in python instead of classic xUnit style setup and teardown methods where a particular section of code is executed for each test case.

There are various reasons for using pytest fixtures, the major ones are below:

  • pytest fixtures are implemented in a modular manner. They are easy to use and no learning curve is involved.
  • Like normal functions, fixtures also have scope and lifetime. The default scope of a pytest fixture is the function scope. Apart from the function scope, the other pytest fixture scopes are – module, class, and session.
  • Fixtures with function scope improves the readability and consistency in the test code. This makes code maintenance much easier.
  • Pytest fixtures function are reusable and can be used for simple unit-testing as well as testing complex scenarios.
  • Fixtures leverage dependency injection, the popular object-oriented programming concept. Fixture functions act as injectors and test functions that use fixtures are consumers of the fixture objects.
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Posted 3 months ago
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3 months ago