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What is the Tachyons CSS framework?

Can anyone please tell me What is the Tachyons CSS framework.

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Posted 3 months ago


Tachyons is one of the growing CSS frameworks in 2020. Unlike another popular frontend frameworks like Foundation and Bootstrap, you don’t get pre-built UI components. On the contrary, it aims to break CSS rules into manageable, small, as well as reusable parts.

Cutting down the need to write CSS lines, Tachyons help developers build amazing websites. In other words, Tachyons help in creating highly readable, fast loading, and super responsive interfaces without heavy CSS.

Usage Statistics Of The Tachyons CSS Framework

  • Ranked 10th in the category of, best CSS frameworks in 2020, for being most popular by the State Of CSS survey.
  • 4.13% of the CSS developers have used it and would like to use it again. Github- 9.7k stars, 611 forks, and 64 contributors.

Why To Choose The Tachyons CSS Framework?

1. Easy To Learn

Tachyons don’t have a steep learning curve and even beginners can easily learn and implement it.

2. Fully customizable

A wide array of customizable CSS modules goes into the creation of Tachyons. Since there are no complex dependencies within the modules, it’s easy to customize.

3. No Compulsion For Adhering To Default Styles

Different classes have variants across different screen sizes. This provides the developers with control over the layout. Also, they don’t have to fret over adhering to any default style.

4. Great For Prototyping

Since Tachyons can make a site look great with minimal design work, it’s great for prototyping.

5. Well-documented

Developers have availability to impeccable documentation to get acquainted with Tachyons. It’s organized and simple to understand.

Where Can The Tachyons CSS Framework Do Better?

1. Lack Of Creativity

Tachyons lack creativity as you might end up with a website that is not unique. The defaults are not sufficient to impart a unique look to our site.

2. Compromised Speed

If you have not memorized the class name and structure properly, using Tachyons will just drag you down in terms of working speed.

I think this answer will help.

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Posted 3 months ago