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What is the Pure CSS framework? Why should we choose it for our project?

Please anyone tell me what is the Pure CSS framework. Why should we choose it for our project.

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Posted 3 months ago


PureCSS features a set of CSS modules that are ideal for different kinds of projects. Even though the modules are small, they are responsive. As a result, you can easily create websites that are responsive, faster, and aesthetically pleasing. The credit for the development of this CSS framework goes to Yahoo.

Some of the salient features of the platform include a built-in design with high responsiveness and Standard CSS having a minimal footprint. The best thing about PureCSS is that it’s absolutely free to use!

Usage Statistics Of Pure CSS Framework

  • Ranked 7th in the category of, best CSS frameworks in 2020, for being most popular by the State Of CSS survey.
  • 5.44% of the CSS developers have used it and would like to use it again.
  • Github- 20.8k stars, 2.1k forks, 59 contributors.

Why To Choose The Pure CSS Framework?

1.Simple Customizations: The frontend framework provides designers with a foundation to customize accordingly and build the design of their choice. 2.Browser Compatibility Testing: The base of Pure CSS relies on Normalize.css. The frontend framework does not have many browser compatibility testing issues, as the compatibility issues undergo frequent fixing. 3.Extensible: There is no need for overwriting existing CSS rules since the designers can easily add new ones. This way, you can customize the appearance according to your projects. 4.Lightweight and responsive: The 4.5KB minified + gzip file size makes the frontend framework lightweight. If you create a website using PureCSS, it will redesign itself according to the device the user views it on. PureCSS has a mobile-first fluid grid with 12 columns that offers support for responsive classes for different screen sizes.

Where Can The Pure CSS Framework Do Better?

Not That Great For Beginners: Pure CSS doesn’t feature a wide array of unique styles. So, you do need some level of customization. This makes it a bit unsuitable for beginners.

Who Is Using The Pure CSS Framework?

SkyQuest Tech Stack, Hacktoolkit, PodcastParty, Wizters, Choobs Ltd.

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Posted 3 months ago