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Why did WebDriverIO become a popular test framework?

I want to know why did WebDriverIO become a popular test framework. Can anyone please help me out.

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Posted 3 months ago


WebdriverIO is a widely used test automation framework in Javascript. It has various features like It supports many reports and services, Test Frameworks and WDIO CLI Test Runners

The Following are the supported reporters’ examples:

  • Allure Reporter
  • Concise Reporter
  • Dot Reporter
  • JUnit Reporter
  • Spec Reporter
  • Sumologic Reporter
  • Report Portal Reporter
  • Video Reporter
  • HTML Reporter
  • JSON Reporter
  • Mochawesome Reporter
  • Timeline Reporter
  • CucumberJS JSON Reporter

The following are an example of the supported services

  • Appium Service
  • Devtools Service
  • Firefox Profile Service
  • Selenium Standalone Service
  • Shared Store Service
  • Static Server Service
  • ChromeDriver Service
  • Report Portal Service
  • Docker Service

The followings are the test framework supports

  • Mocha
  • Jasmine
  • Cucumber

Additionally, It is very popular among the developers and testers. The daily download is around 84,957 and weekly download is around 414,847 and yearly 1,848,479. So far it has released 243 release versions. Also, there are active community and support for the issue and has 5.3K stars in the Github.

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Posted 3 months ago