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What are some common mistakes that people make while calculating ROI on test automation?

Please anybody help me with identifying some common mistakes that people make while calculating ROI on test automation.

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Posted 3 months ago


Although calculating ROI involves basic calculation using some simple formula, mistakes may occur if you miss some important parameters. Let’s discuss some common mistakes which people make while calculating ROI.

You Really Didn’t Ignore Manual Testing Completely…Did You?

Only keeping automated testing efforts as the primary measuring parameter is one of the biggest mistakes. Manual testing will always be important. When it comes to cross browser testing, some scenarios can be automated but there are areas where you would need to interact with your web-app live, by performing manual cross browser testing. Because visual defects are easily detected manually than running an automation script. Facts like whether the website looks good in all browsers or whether a certain navigation menu works properly in a specific browser are always checked manually. If you automate these tests, they will not provide a high ROI on test automation with Selenium. Even if you don’t calculate the manual efforts, you still have to spend time and money on it.

Always Think About the Bigger Picture

While measuring the ROI on test automation with Selenium, you must consider a longer time period. Inspecting how a certain testing methodology will benefit the organization for a short time is not ideal. You must check how it impacts the organization as well as the team in the long run. Instead of months, calculate how the impact will be over a period of 3 to 5 years. For instance, should you opt for shift-left testing? Shift left testing is a methodology which focuses you to perform testing as soon as possible, right from the requirement gathering phases. The idea behind is to think of bugs and find them as soon as possible because it is believed that a bug found at a later stage of SDLC will be a lot more expensive compared to a bug which is found in the initial stages.

Did You Sync Your Organization’s Capability?

You must sync the capabilities of your organization along with the test automation tool stack. For successfully implementing an automation testing strategy, both product knowledge, as well as knowledge in automation, is required. Your team should have a clear understanding of how to use the planned automation tool as well as how the application works.

Test Maintenance Is An Important Factor To Consider

Maintenance of the test cases is another factor people tend to miss while measuring ROI on test automation with Selenium. When you are using Selenium for automated cross browser testing then after successful implementation of a testing strategy, you will regularly need to update and maintain the test cases. The regression suite and your test cases will start to grow as you add new pages, enhancement or update the features of your web application. Ensuring the usability of those test cases for a longer time period will require regular maintenance.

Missing Out On Proper Documentation

This is a very common mistake, and it is not only from an automation tester perspective but also from a managerial point of view. Documentation should be set as a standard for every organization. When an automation tester writes a test script, they should prepare a document explaining the purpose of that script and the working of it. A common knowledge base should be made available to collect document around every automation script that is active for your organization. This would serve as a foundation for every budding resource who gets on-board with the process. It would also help to eliminate any collateral damage that your web-application may receive by the absence of any senior test automation engineer or if an automation tester went to switch from your company to another. So the next time you calculate your ROI on test automation with Selenium, make sure to keep in mind the effort & bandwidth involved in maintaining one such knowledge base for internal employees.

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Posted 3 months ago