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How can you trigger a GitLab CI/CD pipeline?

I want to know how can you trigger a GitLab CI/CD pipeline.

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Posted 3 months ago


GitLab CI/CD allows you to trigger your pipeline using the following ways:

  • Git Based Triggers
  • Webhooks/ Crons
  • Manual Intervention Git Based Triggers: The easiest way to trigger CI/CD is to perform any git-based operation such as pushing in a branch, merging pull requests, or creating a tag for which handers are mentioned in gitlab.yaml file. This is the most frequently used and most convenient method to trigger CI/CD.

Webhooks provide a convenient method to trigger CI /CD on demand by making an HTTP post call to specialized urls. This is very useful for event based triggering where webhook can be called whenever a required event occurs

  • For eg, you can setup a cron to run nightly builds on Gitlab by just hitting curl request on webhook url at the desired interval.

  • Any other event can be used as long as webhook can be hit in response to the event. Gitlab has a provision where manual intervention by authorized users can be requested to continue the next steps of the job. IN the gitlab.yaml you can mention a part of the pipeline to run only after somebody with access in the team can resume the job from UI.

  • This feature enables constructing continuous delivery pipelines that we have discussed already. Everything except deployment can be automated and only after the manual intervention, the deployment can take place.

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Posted 3 months ago