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How can I perform browser testing while I work from home during COVID-19?

I want a tutorial on How can I perform browser testing while I work from home during COVID-19. Can anyone please help me out.

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Posted 3 months ago


Companies all around the globe are making their employees work from home for the first time to tackle the outbreak of the coronavirus. And it won’t be wrong to assume that working remotely will become the new normal for many of us for some time, as coronavirus has officially reached ‘pandemic’ status, as per the announcement by WHO.

This pandemic has hit all the industry as the S&P 500 has dropped around 30% since it was on its all-time high in February. There’s an estimated 10-25% decrease in revenue for SaaS companies. So it is high time we pull our socks up and minimise this drop as much as we can.

Although the impact of this pandemic is very broad, I’ll try to shed some light over a more specific problem. Cross browser testing!

How can you perform cross browser testing as you work from home during COVID-19 Pandemic? What to do when your in-house device farms and lofty infrastructure goes defunct?

Well, there are a few steps you need to take care when you strategize cross browser testing.

1. Analyse Your Website Audience - Before starting anything, it is very important that you analyse the audience of your website and what browser they are majorly using. If your website is already published, you can use Google Analytics or any other similar tools to gain insights to your audience. 2. Prepare A Browser Matrix - There can be hundreds of browsers + OS combinations for a cross browser testing script. You can’t afford to test on random bases. Prioritizing which browsers + OS combinations matter the most is crucial. 3. Testing Website on Different Browser - Now, that you know which browsers are key for you you need to start cross browser testing. The real challenge is your device labs might be biting dust due amid this COVID-19 pandemic. Not to forget, device labs are an expensive option and not affordable to everyone. Which is why a cloud-based cross browser testing tool can be your best pick. Why?

Well, opting for a cloud-based provider will help you stay free from the hassle of in-house infrastructure and resource management. For example with LambdaTest, you can instantly perform cross browser testing on 2000+ real browsers for mobile and desktop. LambdaTest will take care of all the infrastructure on the cloud, so you are focused on only one task, i.e. to test!

You can leverage both manual and automated browser testing with their Selenium Grid to accelerate project delivery.

Another major concern for the testers is that they need to communicate and share their test to their respective teams continuously. It becomes vital to continue onto the next tests and to analyze the reports. Since different testers perform different types of tests, they all need to be in sync with others in terms of the reports, videos, screenshots, screencasts etc. A good cloud-based provider such as LambdaTest offers integration to numerous third-party platforms for project management and team collaboration.

Be Safe & Test Remotely

The world is already under a lot of chaos and stress. You need not add to it about worrying over browser testing remotely. Leverage cross browser testing clouds and get the maximum test coverage in a minimal amount of time. All while staying home & staying safe during this Pandemic outbreak.

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Posted 3 months ago