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Which are the best unit testing frameworks for Selenium automation?

I want to know which are the best unit testing frameworks for Selenium automation. Can anyone please help me out with it.

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Posted 3 months ago


Java has always been used as the first language for developing dynamic and robust web applications. It provides the flexibility that developers need to create effective web apps. So, when it comes to unit testing of Java-based web apps, there are minimal Unit Test Frameworks available, such as:

1. JUnit

JUnit has always been the first choice of developers to automate unit testing of a java-based application. It was developed by Erich Gamma and Kent Beck as an instance of xUnit. JUnit was specially developed for scripting and performing repetitive test cases. But, it can also be utilized to automate testing of web applications by integrating it with selenium webdriver.

2. TestNG

TestNG is an open-source testing framework created by Cedric Beust. TestNG covers a wide range of test categories which includes unit, functional, end-to-end, integration. It is being widely used by Java developers to unit test developed web applications. It was designed to overcome the competencies of JUnit. That’s why it is more robust, reliable, and featureful than JUnit. It provides developers with various functionalities, such as grouping, sequencing, and parameterizing, which allow them to create more flexible test cases while eliminating the drawbacks of JUnit and to automate unit tests.


JEST is an open-source JavaScript testing framework, which is maintained by Facebook. It is the first choice of developers for JavaScript testing. Although JEST can cover unit, functional, end-to-end, integration tests, a significant number of JavaScript developers use JEST to automate unit tests. What makes it an ideal choice for developers is the zero-configuration testing experience that it offers. Although it is a universal unit testing framework, it is widely used for applications based on React and ReactJS. Moreover, the convenient and unambiguous interface of the framework makes it even more comfortable for developers to execute unit testing.

4. Jasmine

Jasmine is another open-source JavaScript testing framework introduced in 2010. It can test every JavaScript application, which is not even supported by JEST. Besides, it provides additional support for Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), which ensures that each code snippet of the JavaScript statement is appropriately unit tested. Jasmine proved to be very useful for frontend testing, which includes both responsiveness and visibility testing of web app UI across multiple devices and resolutions. Although majorly used for asynchronous testing, it can be a pretty good Selenium JavaScript framework to automate unit testing.

5. PyTest

PyTest is an excellent python-based automation testing framework that can be used for all types of software testing. Apart from being an open-source Unit Test Framework, it is easy to learn and implement on any workstation. With features like assert writing, PyTest has become the first choice of major projects on the internet, such as Dropbox, Mozilla, etc.

6. PyUnit

Also known as UnitTest – PyUnit is the standard unit testing framework for Python-based applications. In PyUnit, the base class ‘TestCase’ is used for all the assertion methods, code cleanup, and set up routines. Other than that, you can also use the load methods and the ‘TestSuite’ class for grouping and loading of test cases. And if you use them together, then you can build customized test runners.

7. MSTest

MSTest comes with an in-built testing framework provided by Microsoft known as Visual Studio. So, it doesn’t require additional downloading or installation on your system, as you will get it out of the box in your IDE. It is particularly used to run tests on .NET applications. And if you’re using TestComplete, then you can easily integrate the MSTest tests in your test scripts and execute them as a part of your testing process.

8. NUnit

NUnit is an open-source unit testing framework that is entirely written in C#. It belongs to the xUnit family and can be used for almost every .Net application. Having user-friendly attributes, NUnit offers a simple and easy working process for developers. Moreover, it doesn’t require a specific project type; you can add a class library to differentiate your code from the unit tests.

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Posted 3 months ago