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What are the top difficulties a software tester can face while performing cross browser testing in 2020?

Can anyone please tell me what are the top difficulties a software tester can face while performing cross browser testing in 2020.

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Posted 3 months ago


As we know cross-browser testing is one that is performed on different browsers to provide the application support on multiple browsers without any issue & bug. So, now a day to achieve the successful application it's very important to have multiple browser support for the same application, due to the availability of customers on a different platform with a different browser. Moreover, cross-browser testing also may have many challenges as described below:

  1. Automation becomes more difficult with the addition of different browsers: As you add more browsers support to your application, testing becomes harder as different browsers may have different UI, may have support for different technologies and may have different actions. So, it brings more challenges to fix these issues and to provide the common method which supports all required browsers.

  2. Support for all browsers is very difficult to achieve: Due to the availability of a large number of browsers plus new updates after every few months, it becomes very difficult to achieve the automation and support for all browsers. Further, when we add browsers with their different versions, and OS platforms (e.g Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, Solaris ) with their different versions, testing matrix numbers become huge and impossible to test. So, here very deep insight with good decision making is needed what to focus on and what to ignore to achieve a good application.

  3. Continuous browser updates: As we know nowadays browsers are coming with new updates in every few weeks and it also causes new issues related to browser compatibility for application under testing, so thorough testing on a browser with every new update it needed, for an example, new browser update sometime obsolete the old javascript code. Therefore, now developers get challenges to fix the code. These issues put more pressure on QA & Dev team.

  4. Browser Layout may break on different screen Resolution: So, while performing the cross-browser functionality its very important to cover the testing of the application on different browsers with different screen resolution as sometimes it breaks the UI or distract the buttons, text fields and label on same.

Moreover, despite the above challenges, there are many software qa company, who have expertise in cross-browser testing and have deep knowledge of tools & technologies which can reduce the above-detailed challenges.

Hope the above post will help you to understand about challenges with cross browser testing.

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Posted 2 months ago