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Which cross browser testing tool has the widest library of browsers?

I want to know which cross browser testing tool has the widest library of browsers. Can anyone please tell me the following.

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Posted 3 months ago


Cross browser testing is a wide domain. You can’t compare a SaaS provider by just quantity of browsers they provide. The quality also plays a major hand. Cross browser testing is a practice which is highly tool dependent and can be very tedious if you don’t have the right tool on you. Here are some most impressive cross-browser testing tools in 2018. I have arranged them in accordance to quality and value for money.

1. LambdaTest - 2,000+ mobile and desktop browsers with their versions. 2. Saucelabs - 800+ desktop browsers with versions & 200+ mobile emulators and simulators. 3. Browserstack - 1,200+ browsers and real mobile devices. 4. Cross Browser Testing - 1,500+ mobile and desktop browsers.

Note: If we talk technically then Cross Browser Testing being the oldest goat does provide around 3000+ browsers but that is because they provide one from a 64xbit OS and another from a 32xbit OS. If we talk about more varied list of browsers then LambdaTest is the go-to store.

LambdaTest has been the late entry in the title race for the #1 cross browser testing tool but the fact that amazes me the most is the speed at which they are making a run. Being a startup that launched last year, when 2017 was nearing to an end, they emerged fairly competitive to the other established big sharks that took a considerable amount of time to reach where they are. LambdaTest is providing quantity with quality, plus they offer the most affordable pricing making it all worth it. Another reason why I list them on the top is because I find them a very customer-centric company. An example to how a SaaS should be. They provide 24x7 quality chat support and they drive changes on their platform based on the customer requests.

I came to visit LambdaTest through the below blog. It is a detailed blog that has more competitors in the list and I hope it will help you make the right choice.

Top 9 Cross-Browser Compatibility Testing Tools in 2018

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Posted 3 months ago
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3 months ago