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What are the top tools for capturing screenshots?

Can anyone please suggest me some of the top tools for capturing screenshots.

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Posted 3 months ago


Screenshots! These handy snippets have become indispensable to our daily business as well as personal life. Considering how mandatory they are for everyone in these modern times, every OS and a well-designed game, make sure to deliver a built-in feature where screenshots are facilitated.

Here is a list of 18 tools you must try for taking screenshots.

  1. Awesome Screenshot
  2. Snagit
  3. LambdaTest
  4. Jing
  5. Greenshot
  6. Picpick
  7. Fireshot
  8. Nimbus
  9. Screenshot Captur
  10. Snipaste
  11. Monosnap
  12. Lightshot
  13. Faststone
  14. Snipping tool
  15. TinyTake
  16. Skitch
  17. ShareX
  18. Puush

You may be wondering what is it with the long list?

However, let me remind you that capturing a screen is one thing, but the ability to highlight the content is another. There are many third-party editing tools available to annotate our snippets each having their own uses in a business workflow. But when we have to take screenshots, we get confused which tool to use. Some tools are dedicated to taking the best possible screenshots of the whole desktop screen yet some are browser-based capable of taking screenshots of the webpages opened in the browsers. Some have ability to integrate with your development process, where as some are so useful that there integration ability can be easily overlooked.

To know which one would suit you best personally or professionally you should read the details of the above-mentioned tools from the original source:

18 Tools You Must Try For Taking Screenshots

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Posted 3 months ago