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What are the best tools for cross-browser testing?

Can anyone please suggest me the best tools for cross-browser testing.

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Posted 3 months ago


Internet is flooded with articles, blogs and infographics having the list for the best tools for cross browser testing. I am not saying that they are not saying the truth, the problem is that no one seems to explaining so as to what tool would YOU actually require to solve YOUR problems.

We may hope that in future all the browsers support all the features, but the reality is that Cross Browser Compatibility would always remain a problem. The reality is that all the browsers are different and they all have distinct features that make them unique, and all of them have different visions so as to what an ideal browser should be like.

Chrome, Mozilla exploit too much of the resources, Opera on the other hand is really good but lacks the ecosystem, Safari also has the potential. What I want to say is that different technologies will always be both problem and solution to the problem of cross browser compatibility.

Now let us talk about your needs:

First you have to understand what your requirement is and accordingly invest in cross browser compatibility tool. For instance if your target audience is only certain browsers like chroe and mozilla, then I must say that only DevTools are enough for this as by using a mixture of these technologies you can test almost everything.

Now let us talk about Tools that are free:

  1. LambdaTest : You don’t need to go any further than this, it may be easily the best cross browser testing tool. It provides you with a platform to test on more than 1400+ browsers on cloud, along with mobile emulators and simulators for all around testing. It provides all this while providing bonus features like Smart UI testing, tunnel etc. VALUE FOR MONEY!

  2. Cross Browser Testing: really good tool that allows you to test all of things, apart from the fact that it is overpriced it is equally fast as its competitors.

  3. Browsershot: It is an open sourced tool, being open source has both benefits and drawbacks. Benefits part include the community support and resource optimization. The problem occurs when you need reliability and accountability.

I personally urge you to try to try these tools in the same order, go with LambdaTest as it is perfect.

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Posted 3 months ago