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What is the most preferred way of handling browser compatibility issue?

Can anyone please tell me of some most preferred way of handling browser compatibility issue.

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Posted 3 months ago


To fully exploit internet’s prowess, you need a great web site or app. Building an efficient app has serious responsibility latched to it. CBT becomes crucial, as you never know which browser your visitor may use. Browser compatibility are mainly due to the difference in the browsers.

UI suffers greatly due to the unsupported styling techniques, mostly occurring due to the CSS support is lacking in way or the other. You shouldn’t keep in mind a certain browser while developing, rather you should try to counter browser compatibility issues while in development stages only.

Another set of issues arise due to the ECMA script support. More and more people have started using unique frameworks offering powerful techniques to optimize the site, but with this ability there comes responsibility to check whether that particular framework supports all the version and different browsers.

Above mentioned issues are just the tip of the iceberg, real issues involve finding techniques to optimize the website performance even while it runs without errors. Memory leakage is another issue that handicaps your website performance directly affecting the website performance.

A few more common issues include

  1. Incorrect (or no) DOCTYPE
  2. Outdated Browser Detection
  3. No CSS Reset
  4. Lack of Valid HTML

While it is advisable to follow best coding practices, you can try LambdaTest and finding even more browser compatibility issues across 1400+ browsers and their versions.

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Posted 3 months ago
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3 months ago