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What are the top browsers to test on?

Can anyone please suggest me some of the top browser to test on.

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Posted 3 months ago

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Here I am listing the top ranked Web Browsers on which you can test your websites.

They are listed as follows;

  1. Chrome Dev (Android, Windows- Canary)
  2. Mozilla Firefox ( Android ,PC)
  3. Brave Browser ( Android, PC, iOS)
  4. Maxthon Browser (Android)
  5. Opera Neon ( PC only)
  6. Tor Browser ( Dark Web on PC, Android)
  7. Safari (iOS & iMac)
  8. Ghostery ( Android )
  9. Microsoft Edge (Windows 10 only)
  10. Epic Browser (Indian browser available for Windows) (Shutdown)

But in case you want the complete list of browsers known till now then you can visit

Test your web application and check whether your website is Cross-Browser Compatible or not visit LambdaTest.

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Posted 3 months ago

Designing and development website and applications can be a lot of fun, but along with that also means a responsibility to ensure that everyone is receiving the same experience across different devices, browsers, operating systems, resolutions, etc. When you think about it, there is a lot that can go wrong, and most likely your project will never be perfect 100% of the time. But if you don’t, you could lose potential customers. Say for example your website doesn’t render properly in IE9. That customer might simply leave and visit your competitor who did spend time on browser compatibility testing.

There are various combinations of OS and browser possible for testing website /webapp. Doing tests manually for all combinations would take more time and effort.

There are many online platforms are available to perform cross browser testing across different OS and browser combinations.One such platform which I explored is LambdaTest.

With LambdaTest, you can seamlessly test your public or locally hosted web apps across 1400+ different browsers, OS, resolutions and devices.

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Posted 3 months ago