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Are emulators good enough for testing websites on mobile browsers?

Can anyone please tell me whether emulators are good enough for testing websites on mobile browsers or not.

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Posted 3 months ago


For some purpose emulators alone can suffice for the need of testing websited but there are some features situations like battery drainage, network interruption, call interruption for which you need to test on real devices. Emulators can solve your purpose if you use proper testing tools. I’ll recommend you to try LambdaTest to check mobile compatibility for the features and advantages it offers.You can visit the page to perform mobile compatibility testing .

It provides you:

  1. Live Interactive Testing on Real browsers

You can perform live interactive testing of your public or local websites and web apps on real mobile and desktop browsers running on real operating system. With LambdaTest cloud platform you can accelerate your testing and make sure that your customers get pixel perfect experience across all devices, browsers, operating systems, and resolutions.

  1. 1400+ Browsers To Choose From

You can test your applications across all latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer, and many more. There are 1400+ mobile and desktop browsers to choose from with access to native and third party debugging tools, extensions, settings, downloads on live browsers.

  1. Pixel-to-Pixel Accurate screen resolution

Now with just one click, you can test how your web app renders on multiple and latest device sizes and resolutions. You can also switch between portrait and landscape modes anytime to see how your app adjusts to device orientation size.

  1. Automatic Screenshots of Complete Webpages

You can also auto-generate full-paged screenshots of your webpages across multiple devices, operating systems, browsers, and resolutions - in a single go! LambdaTest Automated Browser Screenshot feature accelerates your UI and Layout testing helping you quickly identify layout issues across browser versions and screen sizes.

You can sure shot give it a try!


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Posted 3 months ago