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Why do I need a mobile friendly website?

Can anyone tell me why do I need a mobile friendly website?

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Posted 3 months ago


We are in the era of the ‘Heads down’ generation. Ever wondered how much time you spend on your smartphone? Well, let us give you an estimate. With over 2.5 billion smartphone users, an average human spends approximately 2 Hours 51 minutes on their phone every day as per ComScore’s 2017 report. The number increases by an hour if we include the tab users as well!

That’s a lot of on-screen time considering you have an average of 18 functional hours, leaving the six out for sleep. Without an optimized website, you are missing out a major chunk of your audience and their most attentive time spans. So today we provide you with some insights on how to make a mobile-friendly website.

Reasons to create a mobile friendly website

1. Easy Accessibility

As mentioned earlier, the number of mobile users is on the rise. This means chances of accessing your website on the phone is higher than that on a computer. But, if you do not create a mobile-friendly website, you will lose out on your users.

Moreover, everyone is busy these days, so offering a quick peek through the mobile phones without compromising on the experience enables brands to leave a lasting impact. Thus, a mobile-friendly website is a necessity.

2. Integrating Social Media

Even the biggest of brands are paying more attention to social media. And since Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to name a few, are easily accessible through the phone. External links are more likely to be accessed over a phone.

In addition, it affects your social media reputation as well. Imagine reading a negative review for not having a responsive website. Disappointing, isn’t it? These are major motivators for any brand to make a mobile-friendly website.

3. User Experience

Gone are the days when computers were the only means of accessing a website. With the integration of the devices and easy accessibility, brands create a mobile-friendly website to offer unhindered User Experience irrespective of the device being used to access it.

Presence on each platform contributes towards a brand’s reputation. This is another reason to offer the ultimate UI and branding to your business.

4. The SEO Race

Debates have started on the credibility of SEO with the advent of Social Media, but Google still remains undefeated. SEO is as important as ever. A mobile-friendly and responsive website increases your SEO ranking. Your online reputation affects your ranking.

And what’s more important is the algorithm specifically designed by Google for mobile devices. This enables a better analysis of your product and thus your SEO ranking.

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Posted 3 months ago