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What are some ways to deal with cross-browser issues?

Help me find some ways to deal with cross-browser issues?

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Posted 3 months ago


Solving cross browser compatibility issues is quite a wide term. You might face different problems in Firefox, different in Safari, etc and that too for different reasons.

Some poses compatibility issues for CSS, some for HTML, you might face some compatibility issues for unsupported elements in specific browser and browser versions. There is a ton of things to be taken care of.

I have included a complete guide for cross browser compatibility in the form of links.

What Is Cross Browser Compatibility And Why We Need It?

Cross Browser Testing Strategy Explained in Three Easy Steps

How To Make A Cross Browser Compatible Website?

Finding Cross Browser Compatibility Issues in HTML and CSS

Top Safari Browser Compatibility Issues in 2018

Typography And Cross Browser Compatibility

API And Browser Compatibility

Emoji Compatibility With Browsers

Cross Browser Compatibility and React JS Web Apps

Cross Browser Compatibility in WordPress Websites

Using Webpack 4 to Create Browser Compatible Apps

Write Browser Compatible JavaScript Code using BabelJS

Creating Browser Compatibility Matrix for Testing Workflow

Automated Cross Browser Testing

Performing Cross Browser Testing with LambdaTest

Hope this is all you’ll need to be an expert in cross browser issue solving and finding.


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Posted 3 months ago