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What are the roles and responsibilities in a software testing team?

Can anyone tell me the roles and responsibilities in a software testing team?

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Posted 3 months ago


How soon and how well you can achieve your testing goals depends solely on the capabilities of the testing team. Within the testing team itself it is important to have the correct blend of testers who can efficiently work together to achieve the common testing goals. While forming a team for testing, it is important to ensure that the members of the team jointly have a combination of all the relevant domain knowledge that is required to test the software under development.

It is very important to ensure that the software testing team has a proper structure. The hierarchy and roles should be clearly defined and responsibilities too should be well defined and properly distributed amongst the team members. When the team is well organized the work can be handled well. If every team member knows what duties he or she has to perform then they will be able to finish their duties as required well within the time limit. It is important to keep track of the testers’ performance. It is very important to check what kind of defects the tester is able to uncover and what kind of detects he tends to miss. This will give you a fair idea about how serious your team is about the work.

All the team members should work together to prepare a document that clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of all the team members. Once the document is prepared the role of each member should be communicated clearly to everyone. Once the team members are clear about who is going to handle which area of the project, then in case of any issue it will be easy to determine who needs to be contacted.

A software tester has different sets of roles and responsibilities. He should have in depth knowledge about software testing. He should have a good understanding about the system which means technical (GUI or non-GUI human interactions) as well as functional product aspects. In order to create test cases it is important that the software tester is aware of various testing techniques and which approach is best for a particular system. He should know what are various phases of software testing and how testing should be carried out in each phase. The responsibilities of the software tester include:

  1. Creation of test designs, test processes, test cases and test data.
  2. Carry out testing as per the defined procedures.
  3. Participate in walkthroughs of testing procedures.
  4. Prepare all reports related to software testing carried out.
  5. Ensure that all tested related work is carried out as per the defined standards and procedures

Many people get confused between the roles and responsibilities of a test manager and test lead.For a clarification, a test lead is supposed to have a rich technical experience which includes, programming, handling database technologies and various operating systems, whereas he may not be as strong as Software Test Manager regarding test project management and coordination. The responsibilities of the test manager are as follows:

  1. Since the test manager represents the team he is responsible for all interdepartmental meetings.
  2. Interaction with the customers whenever required.
  3. A test manager is responsible for recruiting software testing staff. He has to supervise all testing activities carried out by the team and identify team members who require more training.
  4. Schedule testing activities, create budget for testing and prepare test effort estimations.
  5. Selection of right test tools after interacting with the vendors. Integration of testing and development activities.
  6. Carry out continuous test process improvement with the help of metrics.
  7. Check the quality of requirements, how well they are defined.
  8. Trace test procedures with the help of test traceability matrix.

Keen knowledge of testing tool used, it becomes very necessary that you have a good Project management and bug logging tool.

LambdaTest is one such wonderful platform, you can test your website & web app on it and the integration with management tools and web repositories make our promise ‘one click bug logging’ possible.

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Posted 3 months ago