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What is the main need of cross-browser testing?

Please Explain me what is the main need of cross-browser testing?

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Posted 3 months ago


Let’s suppose that you are a Chef, planning on new innovations, working hard to develop new tastes for people around the world. But, you don’t test if the taste that you’re developing meets user expectations? What if the taste developed is not fitting the taste buds of the food lovers from whom who are working day and night?

So, it’s necessary to make sure whatever innovations that you are working upon is fit for the user? Are the users getting the experience they want? Is this imposing the same effect on everyone?

Similarly when it comes to development industry, it becomes mandatory to ensure that the website/ web application/ application being developed should provide seamless experience to the user irrespective of the platform that they are on. To make sure of this, you need to perform cross browser testing.

When and why do you need to take care of Cross-Browser Testing ?

  1. There are some companies, which are limited to any one web browser or OS and they don’t permit their users to use any other combination out of the box. Say if the company allows the user to limit to Windows XP only. So you need to take care of all the browsers and browser versions’ performance on Windows XP. Better to test your website once on all the combinations for XP rather than degrading your performance for them!
  2. If the case is the other way round and the company allows to use only internet explorer, then? Yes, test for all the possible combinations of OSes with IE and its versions to give them the best experience.
  3. If your customer loves the advancements and keenly waits for the latest updates in OSes, Browsers and other configurations then you would love it if he checks out your website on them. In this case, choose your testing platform such that it provides you with the latest release updates at speed. And then test your website for this too!
  4. According to TechCrunch, an average US consumer spends 5 hours a day on mobile phone so you also need to make sure that your user also has the smooth experience on mobile phones too. So making your website mobile compatible must be your utmost priority. You need to test for your website/web app for mobiles also. If you want to learn how can you perform cross browser testing, check out this blog.

Now, you know why should you perform cross browser testing, how can you perform cross browser testing.

Now, the next thing is What can help you perform cross browser testing?

Well, the simple answer to this question is: You need to use a testing tool to aid you in your cross browser testing needs. You can use LambdaTest, the cross browser testing tool to perform cross browser testing. Here you can make sure that your website/web application works seamlessly on 1400+ browser and OS combinations.

Hope this helps!

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Posted 3 months ago