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What are the things a developer should know about software testing?

Can anyone please suggest me some things that a developer should know about software testing.

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Posted 3 months ago


The things that a developer should know about software testing are:

1. What is Involved in Testing and How Different It is From Development

The primary thing any IT professional should know is what is involved in testing.

  • Testing is the verification of the product to ensure that it meets all the requirements of the customer and in a user-friendly way possible.
  • Investigation of the product and figure out anything this is valuable to the product owner.
  • It involves communication with developers, end-users as well as stakeholders to find out progress regarding product improvement.
  • Testing is all about teamwork. Often developers tend to hate quality analysts because no one likes the fact that others are informing them that there is something wrong with their code. But, testers care about the code just like the developers. For the delivery of a complete bug-free application, testers and developers should work together to find out and fix the bugs.

2. A Tester’s Position is Of Equal Importance Like a Developer

There is a common myth that a developer’s position is superior to a tester. However, this is not true.

  • A developer and a tester both have the same goal, delivery of a quality product. Only their approach is different.
  • Developers think about how the application can be created, while testers think about how the application can be broken.
  • Since a tester must figure out all the possible scenarios that can cause breakage to an application and impact critical functionalities, they must be clear about the requirement specifications, thereby having more knowledge of the business.

3. Good Testers are Good Product Owners

Testers are also product owners. They know the product deeply and have a user perspective that can find user challenges before deployment.

  • Testers should be completely involved in the project from the beginning. Starting with requirement analysis, they should work in collaboration with the development team to ensure bug-free delivery.
  • Even if waterfall methodology is used, instead of waiting for the development phase to be completed, a tester should spend time in going through the business document and understanding the requirements.
  • A tester uses the product before any user. They are the first critics on the usability and efficiency of getting the work done. They become one with the product. That is why they are also the most valuable source to get inspiration for product features. Good product owners builders are always good testers.
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Posted 3 months ago