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How Smashtest is changing the way you write Selenium tests?

Can anyone please suggest me how Smashtest is changing the way you write Selenium tests.

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Posted 3 months ago


Automation testing with Selenium is very popular since many popular programming languages (Python, C#, Java, PERL, etc.) can be used with that framework. Automation tests require more advanced infrastructure than manual tests since the tests might be performed in parallel to maximize the throughput. When it comes to testing of web products, automated cross browser testing becomes important as the behavior may not be the same on different browsers, operating systems, and devices. For example, a web page may render correctly on Chrome installed on Windows but might not render properly on Chrome installed on macOS.

In the past we have covered a number of topics related to automation testing with Selenium framework, many of them focused on performance, parallel testing, detailed reporting, etc. You can check them out through our Selenium tutorials. The duration taken by the tests to execute not only depends on the efficiency of the test cases (from an implementation point of view) but also depends on the infrastructure on which the tests are being executed. A very-well written test can take more time to execute if executed on a less powerful machine.

Though you can make use of cloud based infrastructure for automated cross browser testing, wouldn’t it better if the overall performance of automation testing with Selenium can be enhanced for rapidly deploying test cases. This is where Smashtest steps in to help you test even faster.

Smashtest – Develop and Deploy Test Cases Rapidly

Smashtest is a programming language that allows you to speed up your automation testing cycle by writing tests in a tree-like format.

Trees loosely represent the thinking in writing a test case/test scenario. For example, the task ‘Open Google in Chrome web browser’ is written as the following in Smashtest programming language.

Open Chrome

Navigate to 'Google'

As programming instructions in Smashtest are simple English statements; it becomes easier to rapidly describe and deploy your test cases.

Here are some of the advantages of using Smashtest:

  • Automation testing on multiple browsers and devices
  • UI and API level testing
  • Run multiple tests in parallel
  • Live reports that details the execution result at each step
  • Easy to understand and human-readable steps
  • Tests that can be executed locally or in the CI/CD pipeline

Now, we will dig deep into Smashtest programming language and how it can be used in collaboration with Selenium for automated cross browser testing scenarios.

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Posted 3 months ago