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What are excuses every website tester should get rid of immediately?

I want to know about the excuses every website tester should get rid of immediately. Please provide me some valuable answer.

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Posted 4 months ago


Here is a list of excuses that website testers need to forget.

  • I thought if it is working fine on chrome then it would work well on other browsers too!
  • Why should I perform responsive testing, I already covered cross browser testing?
  • My job is to focus on merely predefined test case scenarios
  • Deploying a build and debugging an issue is not my job
  • I didn’t have sufficient time to test
  • I did not test on ie as it has become obsolete
  • I didn’t realize how important it was to understand the scope and requirements of the project
  • I forgot to ask that question?
  • I never thought we’re going to be a target for hackers
  • I tested the feature a couple days back so I thought I may not need to test it again!
  • I don’t think it is possible to test this feature
  • All hail beta testing! Even if I miss out on any bug then a user feedback should cover it
  • I was told by the dev team that this is how it is supposed to work
  • We’re just a startup, there is hardly much to test!
  • The developers came up with an infeasible code
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Posted 2 months ago
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4 months ago